Home Health Care Professionals is located at:

3680 S. Galapago St.

Suite 102

Englewood, CO 80110

(303) 777-6827

Home Health Care Professionals is a not for profit homecare agency serving the community since 1980. With physicians' orders, nursing care, speech, occupational, physical therapy and social work services are provided to those unable to leave their home due to medical or psychiatric problems.

Our objective is to provide skilled care services to patients in their home that is hospital quality and coordinate the most effective care to help transform their lives for the best possible outcome. We have found that the weak and wounded have a "special power" to touch each of us to become more human. We do this through our compassion, genuine friendship and assistance to help each individual reach their potential and regain a sense of peace and purpose in their lives.

We provide skilled nursing services in your home. Those services may be covered under Medicare and Medicaid. Call today (303) 777-6827 to inquire if you qualify for those services. Or ask your physician to call us at (303) 777-6827 to talk about getting started with your care at home. We provide certified professionals that will give you the best care you can receive at home.